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Altai XYZ



Altai is an innovative social entrepreneur who is passionate about community impact.  Altai’s mission is “to help progress humanity 9 generations into the future, by aligning shared human values and enabling sustainable solutions for global impact”.  He is the business owner of Sunlight Mountain Inn, and Founder of Nergu and GlenX, which impacts business growth, educational innovations and economic development in the mountain region of Colorado between Aspen and Parachute.  He has a big heart for helping others succeed and is currently based in Glenwood Springs, CO, USA. He has launched numerous projects for community impact, including a TED-talk style Success Summit for personal development, a Career Expo for thousands of high school students to explore potential career pathways every year, a cowork space and business incubator that has helped with regional economic development, and a Super School project that was nationally recognized for rethinking high school education.  Not domesticated by traditional educational institutions, Altai's best attributes are that he is an artistically creative original thinker, a fearless go-getter of big ideas, and a great connector of dots/ideas/projects and people.


Altai was born in Mongolia in 1984, to an artist named Munkhstetseg and a scientist named Chuluun.  He came to the US in 1992, after his father Chuluun was brought to Colorado State University to work in their Natural Resource Ecology Lab in 1991.  They came shortly after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991 where Mongolia regained its' freedom from communist regime. 


[Mongolia's regained freedom and democratic revolution began with many challenges in the early 1990's, including massive inflation and food shortages, which can only be likened to the Great Depression of 1929 here in the US.  Mongolia is in a much more stable condition today, and is now a destination that many travelers around the world make special plans to visit.  If you wish to visit Mongolia, check out these 2 articles on the Least Crowded Country and 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Mongolia.]

Altai grew up in FoCo as a child, after he first came to the United States as an 8 year old.  He has since lived in various states around the US as a young adult, and now resides back in Colorado in the small mountain town of Glenwood Springs in the Rocky Mountains. 


I tend to think that the first 30 years of my life was unremarkable, because I did not accomplish anything of significance for others and for the world at large.  Even though I had some personal successes, I had a lot of failures as well, and they were both derived mainly from selfish pursuits.

Since starting GlenX when I was 30, I discovered an iteration of myself that I want to work more towards and improve upon, as someone who can make a difference in their community and help others.  In my minor social impact capacity thus far, I have lived a semi-philanthropic life the last 5 years running GlenX as an unpaid President volunteering thousands of hours toward community impact before this year. 


My ambitions for self-improvement and greater impact has guided my purposeful actions and mission in life, and I am looking forward to the pursuit of becoming a better version of myself and sharing my story along the way with this website, Altai XYZ.

[XYZ is a placeholder name I wish to take as a last name, because I did not have a last name when I was born (I was just Altai, the son of Munkhstetseg and Chuluun), and I had no last name when I came to the US either.  My father wrote his own first name 'Chuluun' as my legal last name when we first entered the United States, but I do not want my father's name, for personal and ideological reasons.  I just want to be known as Altai.  The surname XYZ symbolizes anonymity, equality and commonality between all human beings on the planet, as we are all striving for the same opportunity for success, happiness and fulfillment in our short time on Earth, for ourselves and our loved ones.]

The future idealistic self that I wish to become and to identify with more than any other iteration of myself that is possible, is someone who sets a good example of helping to positively progress humanity... someone who helps as many people around the world as possible in finding success, happiness and fulfillment in their lives... someone who thinks first and foremost of how they can help benefit the world, and not how the world can help benefit them... someone who helps make a positive impact in many different fields, genres and means... someone who has achieved greatly to the fullest extent of their existential potential, in order to help others do the same.  That is the man I wish to become and will live and die becoming.

Regardless of the failures and errors in judgement I make throughout my life, I will shall always strive towards the idealistic identify of myself for the rest of my life, because in striving towards that positive progression of myself, I believe I can accomplish greater feats and make a greater difference in the world.  If I've learned anything in the past 6 years that I would wish to convey to my younger self, it's that anything is possible, if my heart is truly in it.  If I've failed or came up short in anything thus far in my life, it's usually been my own damn fault.  I've experienced numerous mistakes the last few years, but they have not disheartened me, they instead have rather inspired me and validated my ambitions to aim even higher. 


Regardless of who you are and where you're from, we have more in common than we have differences, so let's start there.  Cheers to our shared humanity!  :D

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