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Why 9 generations?

  1. Firstly, I like the #9 

    • Because it is an auspicious lucky number in Mongolia, just as the #7 is a lucky number here in the US

    • Also, I was born on the 9th of May… and I have always been really into the number 9.

  2. Second, 9 generations also represents roughly 200 years of humanity ahead of us, which is tied to my prediction I made in 2016 about humanity

    • Stephen Hawking predicted in 2016 that humanity has 1,000 years left on Earth… that is when I made my own prediction that I personally believe it is actually more like 200 years, if nothing changed and we were destroying our planet at the rate we were

      • Stephen Hawking later updated his prediction in 2017, saying that we actually have 100 years left on Earth… but I’m not sure if he actually believed that or if he wished to spur humanity to action to make drastic changes

      • 200 years is more realistic in my humble opinion

    • Right now, the average age women give birth is about 25 years of age, so the next 8 generations at that same rate would be 200 years from now, and including our current generation, that is 9 generations that we have to drastically change humanity’s trajectory

      • In developed countries, the avg age is closer to 30

      • In 3rd world countries, the avg age is closer to 20

  3. The 3rd and most important reason why I say 9 generations ahead is because it is far enough that it is beyond our own lifetime, but not so far that we can’t picture it

    • Our grandchildren and great grandkids will start experiencing the horrors of our collective human destruction on this planet, and we will still be alive to witness it

      • Hopefully by then, we can tell our grandkids and great grandkids that we did the best we could, in a time when our world leaders were not doing enough

      • Hopefully by then, we can say with pride that we took a stand and we fought for their future survival on this beautiful planet and the only home that can support life as we know it

    • The great thing about having an aim for the impact we make in our life being beyond our own lifetime, is that it takes away our selfishness and our ego out of it

      • Because the ego and the selfish mentality that the corporate Capitalist system manifests is detrimental to human progress

      • Having an aim for our collective impact for humanity that is well beyond our own lifetime allows us to truly serve the public interest to the best of our ability and with a better perspective that is more global and valuable for societal progress

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